Tejus Lizard "Tupinambis Merianae" Honey Shiny
Abdominal width B: 21-22 cm / Length L: 29 cm (+- 10%) / leather thickness: ~ 0,5 mm

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All the leathers we supply are imported in accordance with the Washington Convention... more
Product information "Tejus Lizard "Tupinambis Merianae" Honey Shiny"
All the leathers we supply are imported in accordance with the Washington Convention (CITES-Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). CITIES is an international agreement with the objective of controlling the trade in protected animals and plants worldwide so as to curb the loss of species. We can provide full CITES documentation for free trade within the EU. CITES documentation is supplied with each leather that falls under the Washington Convention. In order to guarantee a seamless proof of origin this documentation must also accompany a product down the value chain. We recommend retaining CITES documentation and any possible attached seals. The patent leathers supplied are polished. This patent effect which is produced by high mechanical pressure, friction and heat is very characteristic but also very sensitive and can be damaged by aggressive cleaning agents or to some extent also by water and humidity. We recommend therefore that sealing or care products are always used. All leathers supplied come from German tanneries and are subject to strict quality controls. Since they are natural product it is not possible, however, to avoid colour and size variations as well as skin irregularities (scars etc.). The product pictures and photographs shown in this Webshop are examples; it is possible that the products supplied do not look exactly the same and this provides no grounds for complaint. The products can be exchanged and/or returned only in the non-processed state in which they were originally supplied. Other sizes are available to order. Delivery only within the European Union, other countries on request.
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